Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Peduto Withdraws, Future Uncertain

The full text of City Councilmember Bill Peduto's announcement, withdrawing from the May Democratic mayoral primary, is available over at The Burgh Report. Mr. Peduto didn't say a word about what the future may bring from him. On one hand, he was careful to mention only the May primary when he said he was withdrawing. He also returned to the topic of Pittsburgh's much-needed reforms over and over again. These things suggest that he recognizes how much Pittsburgh needs somebody like him, and that he may indeed run in November. On the other, his stated reasons for pulling out -- that the race had descended to focus on irrelevancies, that Interim Mayor Ravenstahl was ducking the debates, and that any contest would be too divisive -- are unlikely to change between now and the end of the year.

So I don't know what to think. If he was going to run in November, this would have been the optimal time to make such an announcement. If he's not, then why not just go ahead and lose the primary and be done with it... why pull out today, on the exact deadline that he needs to in order to make an independent run possible?


The Burgher said...

According to state law, he can't run because he filed petitions in another party's primary.

I think he was just unprepared for the question.

Anonymous said...

Luke "Jedi" Ravensthal strikes again....and this time his master, Jabba-the-Hut, I mean the Governor of Philadelphia delivered the death blow with the arena deal

Judge Rufus Peckham said...

He is withdrawing because he figured he can't win in May. Any other purported reason makes no sense.

Skip said...

Forget about the personality, Peduto said in the press conference that he will still focus on the issues that he and everyone concerned with reforming city government are about. Judge's comment is superfluous. Why take down the issues with you in a campaign that, as some have suggested, would be forced to go negative; and we know that Luke is a muse for every range of criticism. The press conference also made clear that O'Connor and Peduto agreed to debate the issues, many of which O'Connor carried into city government. Luke's campaign did not invite debate before the public of the real issues facing the city. Mind you, he has time to jet off to NYC. So, a race that is focused on image rather than substance is not really a race that benefits the city. Smile pretty, "move Pittsburgh fahrd". Issues are not "give the kid a chance". A mayoral race on image is not in anyone's interest.

Richmond K. Turner said...

Skip, I would agree that a non-issues based race wouldn't be a great deal of fun, that it would be ugly, and that it would show us the worst side of local politics. But the alternative is to allow Luke Ravenstahl to be handed the mayor's office without any other option being made available to the voters. In my opinion, the ends here are so bad that the means really couldn't be any worse.

Petitions said...

He's withdrawing his petitions today, which is the deadline, so technically he would not have filed petitions in another party's primary. Right?

EdHeath said...

You know, in the *real* world, if you want to be a reformer, you have to sacrifice about 99% of your principles (assuming you have some to begin with), you have to go negative if that’s what works, fight the battles you can win and step away from the battles you can’t. You have to lie to your constituents if that’s what they expect to hear. This is American politics, and if think you can rise above the muck, you don’t understand it. At least, not the type practiced in the big city.

Over on the Burgh report is text, I guess from Peduto, about how he wants to be a reformer, how he is the leader of a movement. Bullshit. You can’t reform if you don’t show up (he really is turning into Pittsburgh’s Al Gore). Personally, I think someone, somewhere, threatened his family.

The Jackal said...

This guy lacks the killer instinct to be mayor. If there was ever an opening to break the shackles of the local democratic machine, this was the year. Peduto's not the guy. I hate to admit this because Luke does nothing for me. This is another sad day for the city. I can't imagine living through at least four more years of Luke's inanity.

Maria said...

I'm guessing the Judge is right, which only makes sense since he is a judge and n@.

Skip said...

Petitions, I believe you are correct but I'm no lawyer.

Admiral, in the wisdom of Saul Alinsky, "the second rule of the ethics of means and ends is that the judgement of the ethics of means is dependent upon the political position of those sitting in judgement". Therefore, for Peduto supporters, the means of going negative certainly seems worth it. The ends are definitely awful. However, to the number of undecideds and uninformed Luke supporters, Peduto, and the issues he stands behind, risk being judged as 'crazy' and just like any other politician would use as a tactic for political curb appeal (much like Luke's tax-abatement non-plan).

We can also consider the political context of this race. Not long ago the voters were exposed to a mayoral race and spent less time with the mayor they elected than they did mourning him. No one,including the MSM, was paying attention to this race until Luke fucked up (again, a personality race). I don't know. Just some thoughts. I'm also upset.

The Burgher said...
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The Burgher said...

I think filing means submitting them once officially -- meaning you can't run again even if you withdraw.

Campaignus Interruptus?

According to 25 P.S. § 2911(e)(5), a candidate running as an Independent must certify “that his name has not been presented as a candidate by nomination petitions for any public office to be voted for at the ensuing primary election, nor has he been nominated by any other nominations papers filed for any such office.”

That to me, sounds like, no to November. I guess it turns on the official definition of presentment.

Is withdrawal an unpresentment?

I think not. The "two bites" prohibition seems pretty broad

Anonymous said...

I am going to guess that one reason Peduto pulled out is that he did not raise enough money. That is too bad because if Pittsburgh voters stick with their "have to vote for the incumbent" mindset, we will have Ravenstal forever unless he decides to move onto the county level after Onorato goes for Governor.

Ravensthal seems too much of a democratic party machine type of a guy to enable the city to make any major moves forward. Because of this I am very sad that Peduto pulled out.

Anonymous said...

The way I understand it is that the petition was filed, but was withdrawn. If the petition were not withdrawn Bill would be on the ballot. Hence, he could not run. Since he withdrew he can run as long as he registers as an independant 30 days before the primary.

It's been done before. If it's right or not I don't know.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The courts have ruled that a candidate is a candidate when the person file papers at the counter and pays the fee to enter the race. That happened on or before March 6, 2007.

The Candidate's Affidavit would prohibit Bill from entering the Nov 2007 race.

Furthermore, Bill has a bright, long career ahead of him. He can't opt out of the D party and survive, yet alone prevail.

I'd love to have your help in lifting the voice of protest and dissent. Many wonder if democracy is dead here. But, soon it will be time to put efforts into a more unified leap so as to cause a sizable spalash. So, opportunities exist. This summer can be a time to make waves!

Finally, folks, the future is always uncertain. (i.e., Peduto Withdrawls, Future Uncertain)