Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Email Sent by the Peduto Campaign

Somehow, the Peduto campaign got ahold of my email address -- my real-life one, and not the one that I use for The People's Republic. I never figured out how they got it, but I guess it doesn't matter much anymore. Since they took the time to send it to me, however, I thought I might as well share this one with all of you.

Dear Friends,

Pittsburgh deserves a political campaign based on ideas to reform our city, and I realize that running a victorious political campaign would require dividing a city still mourning the loss of Mayor Bob O'Connor.

I have come to the conclusion that it is in Pittsburgh's best interest to avoid the divisiveness of a political campaign. Therefore, I have decided to withdraw from the May primary. I came to this decision after discussions with my family and closest friends. Unfortunately, in the current political climate, I am sought out more to discuss my opponent's personal missteps than to discuss the important issues facing the city. Reforming the city is too important to continue a political campaign that could divide the city and stifle reform.

My heart is not heavy; it is grateful. Grateful for the hundreds of passionate volunteers who have walked with me door-to-door. Grateful for those who baked homemade cookies with my name iced on the top. Grateful for those parents who pulled out magic markers and sat down with their children to create signs bearing my name. Grateful for the College democrats--the leaders of tomorrow--who reached out to fellow students and brought them into the political process. It is their commitment that has empowered me. They've made me a better person, given me the courage to continue reforming the city, shown me that a passion to change Pittsburgh doesn't make me a lone reformer--it makes me the leader of a movement.

Reforming Pittsburgh is going to take commitment, hard work, and strength. If we remain dedicated to common-sense reform and if we remain willing to debate the issues--the important issues--we will return Pittsburgh to greatness.

I am proud of what we have accomplished and of our commitment to strong, progressive reform.


William Peduto


Anonymous said...

Wow, that letter gave me gas. Gotta unload some carbon emissions from my rectum now, sir. Will be back...

Anonymous said...

isn't that just his statement from today at 3?

Matt H said...

Yes it is.