Thursday, March 8, 2007

The YouTube Campaign Ads Begin

The best thing about modern political campaigns is that they won't be decided by thirty-second television ads. Instead, we are gradually shifting to thirty-six-second You Tube videos like this one. Ah, the fresh winds of change! Still, this spot seems fairly well done. With the obvious exception of some cringe-worthy grammatical and spelling errors (e.g., "bigs shoes to fill", late Mayor Bob O'Connor's last name spelled as "O'Conner"), which clearly demonstrate that the producers still have some work to do, it gets its point across in a direct and no-nonsense fashion. I'm sure that this one will be just the first of many, maybe even from both sides of the mayoral contest.

UPDATE: The spelling and grammatical errors identified above have been fixed, and the video has been reposted on YouTube.


Smitty said...

plus O'Connor is spelled wrong

Smitty said...

shoulda read b4 i watched and wrote

Richmond K. Turner said...

No you shouldn't have Smitty; I ammended the post after you pointed it out. But then I had to go wipe a 2-year-old's butt, and I forgot to come back and post an acknowldegement of your discovery. Thanks for pointing it out!

Maria said...

Good overall, but in general, not a good idea to use the word "death" in an ad.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Have you seen my video?

Others are at my subs sites:

And the Picassa site has a few videos too. No hard core 'ads' -- but they'll come, along with the song, Come With Me.