Thursday, March 1, 2007

Police Secondary Employment: Part IV

My brother-in-blogging over at The Burgh Report has done an outstanding job tracking down a final and critically important detail in the story about police secondary employment. In many of my own posts on this topic, I have frequently made reference to the cost recovery policies of the Allegheny County Police and the Port Authority Police. But I never took things to the next level and examined how other municipalities outside of Allegheny County handle this issue. The Burgher has done just that, and it is one eye-opening set of facts.

As it turns out, cities all across the country collect cost recovery fees whenever their police officers engage in secondary employment. Some of them even bring in millions of dollars as a result. The Burgher's findings are an excellent counterpoint to those who claim the the reintroduction of such a program here in Pittsburgh will somehow result in the complete absence -- or even a marked reduction -- of uniformed officers working these off-duty side jobs. It hasn't happened in any other city which uses a cost-recovery program, and it won't happen here.

Go read The Burgh Report. You will not be disappointed.


Maria said...

I hope I won't be accused of spamming, but Bill Peduto brought up the same/similar examples during a City Council meeting.

Richmond K. Turner said...

Maria! I'd never accuse you of spamming. Not having a TV, I don't ever have a chance to watch the city council meetings. So I wouldn't have seen it. But I'm glad that you mentioned it. Otherwise, I might never have known.

P.S. Shoot me an email sometime so that I can get your email address.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Part IV I'd predicted/asked for! Thank you.

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