Thursday, February 1, 2007

Motznik Claims He's The Victim of a "Hacker"

The political laugh-track that is Pittsburgh City Councilmember Jim Motznik seems to be stuck on a continuous loop. According to a report on WTAE, Mr. Motznik is now saying that the resurrected archive version of his now-defunct blog, "Jim Motznik Strikes Speaks Out", has been put in place by an unknown 1337 h4x0r (elite hacker):

Pittsburgh's battle of the blogs is still raging -- even though City Councilman Jim Motznik said he's no longer an active combatant.

Motznik took down his blog on Wednesday at the request of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

But KQV Radio in Pittsburgh is reporting the blog is back up -- though Motznik said a hacker has hijacked his URL and Motznik said he's no longer posting the messages.
Jim, Jim, Jim. Nobody "hijacked" your URL. You voluntarily relinquished it when you deleted your blog. If you wanted to keep the URL all to yourself, you should have kept the blog up while deleting both of your posts from it. But you didn't do that, high-tech wonderkind that you are. Instead, you offered your URL up to the public and -- what a shock -- somebody took it off your hands for you.

Doing something as simple as creating a new blog on your old URL is hardly difficult, Mr. Motznik. To say that it would take any kind of "hacking" skills is simply laughable. Your claims do nothing more than demonstrate to even your most basically computer-literate constituents that you are truly a complete moron. Oh, and they also do one other little thing. They allow the media to bring up -- one more time -- the entire Heinz Field handcuffing of Interim Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. Thanks again, Mr. Motznik! It's guys like you that keep us bloggers from getting bored.

The story continues with a bit of a warning for that terrifying rougue 'hacker' out there who penetrated Blogger's firewalls to 'hijack' Mr. Motznik's URL:
Motznik said he's now investigating who hijacked his site and might take legal action to stop the mystery blogger.
So there's fair warning, Mr. Hacker! You might want to make a backup of your blog now, before Mr. Motznik's investigation reveals your true identity and forces you to post it, yet again, under a different URL. I'm sure you must be extraordinarily frightened.

UPDATE: Jim Motznik has a new blog. No, seriously, he does. I'm not making this up. He has created yet another site on Blogger, apparently for the sole purpose of alerting all of us that whoever 'hijacked' his old site is not really him. Actually, Mr. Motznik, that was already pretty clear. But thanks for clearing it up anyway. Just one question. Could this get any funnier?


Maria said...

I must be said that the headline writer at WTAE is equally 'challenged.'

Smitty said...

certainly psycho-Motznik this time.

Richmond K. Turner said...

He's not quite psycho. He just seems more than a bit stupid.