Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Best. Post. Ever.

From the always-hysterical Carbolic Smoke Ball comes a preview of the latest taxpayer-financed Ravenstahl billboard:


Anonymous said...

Has anyone found out that cathy mcneily and her husband have a company called mcneilly group llc (www.themcneillygroupllc.com - google it, they didnt even take the time to develop the website, just publish it and make $$$), where they make money for consulting on police policy. She also stands to make money with the program she and commander barrone implemented, run, and have created last year for police to work details on a rotating schedule - they are in complete control of the program and make a commission off of every detail booked through their program. Pretty interesting why she is fighting so hard, money will do that to people. SUCKERS!

Richmond K. Turner said...

That would be absolutely fascinating, if (a) it had anything to do whatsoever with the post that you are responding to, and (b) if you hadn't just posted the exact same damn thing, word for word, over at the Burgh report.

What, can't you think of anything original to write over here in my neck of the woods? And I have about 30 posts on this blog which all relate directly to Catherine McNeilly. How lazy does someone have to be to not even bother to track down an appropriate post in which to post their own comments.

If you want to be free to make your own comments about any topic that might interest you, then get your own blog. But do us all a favor and don't spam the comments like that. It's annoying. It's rude. It wastes everyone else's time. And it makes you look like a bit of a fool.

And for the record, it's hardly suprising that Robert McNeilly formed a consultancy business once he left the police department. He's the former police chief of large American city. They tend to be in demand for consultancy contracts.

Frankly, I wouldn't hire him; I would be more interested in former police officials from NYC and Baltimore, to get their COMPSTAT expertise. But I'm sure his expeience is quite useful to others. And obviously, the guy has to make a living of some kind now that he's no longer on the city payroll.

Anonymous said...

Compstat is the police version of the shell game or three card monty. Change stats. Fix reports. Downgrade serious crimes. All smoke and mirrors. Reminds me of the McNeilly administration.

Anonymous said...

Mayur Revansteel shaves his chest

Richmond K. Turner said...

Done poorly, COMPSTAT can quickly degrade into precisely that. But if the reports are compiled by a dedicated unit -- preferrably staffed by non-sworn civilians and not connected with the police districts themselves -- then consistency can be easily be achieved, and assured, from week to week.

Many cities never did it right. I've never examined how it was used in Pittsburgh -- if it was used at all -- but I've seen mere shadows of a true COMPSTAT process become worthless in many other places, including another certain large Pennsylvania city.

That's why I wouldn't hire McNeilly. He isn't known for having produced a meaningful COMPSTAT process. But NYC's and Baltimore's were pretty decent.

the comet said...

Does the mayor really shave/wax his chest? Someone needs to come forward and confirm this. This is a real story that Pittsburghers deserve to know the truth about. Somebody make Bob Mayo aware of this.

Richmond K. Turner said...

I'm more interested in his tatoos. I especially want to know if he has the Dark Mark on the inside of his left arm.