Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mayor Appoints Peduto's Choice for Public Safety Director

I could post something long and detailed about Interim Mayor Luke "Handcuffs" Ravenstahl's decision to appoint Michael Huss as Pittsburgh's next Director of Public Safety. I could point out that he was advised to do exactly that by Councilmember William Peduto back in early October. I could use this as an excellent opportunity to rehash all of the Interim Mayor's colossal mistakes concerning Dennis Regan, whom Master Ravenstahl initially nominated to that position. I could discuss how that nomination, all by itself, has led to a series of missteps, misstatements, and outright mistakes that continue to haunt Luke Raventahl and our city to this day. I could provide an endless series of links which allow you, dear reader, to follow the story as it has developed over several long, tortuous months. I could wrap it all up with some excellent commentary about the situation.

Fortunately, I don't have to. The Burgher over at the The Burgh Report has already done all of this for me... for you, really. He has done an excellent job of summing up both the story and all of its inherent contradictions, and I salute him for a job very well done.

It's almost a shame that I have already christened the Interim Mayor as "Handcuffs" Ravenstahl, because "Flip Flop" Ravenstahl seems to roll off the tongue with far more ease, and because it seems to be a far better description for his political behavior. But at the end of the day, Interim Mayor Ravenstahl is to be commended for his choice, and for this new direction in his public policy decisions. It would seem that, even if the people of Pittsburgh don't get Bill Peduto as our real mayor early next year, we will at least get one who will make all of the same decisions anyway... albeit more than three months later than Mr. Peudto would have done it.

I would also like to apologize for going so many days without a new post. Work, family, and much-postponed cello lesson that I had to prepare for are all to blame. It looks like posts will be coming in fits and starts from me, at least over the next few weeks. I might be able to do several posts in a single day, only to go silent for the next few days after that. I apologize to all three of you who will miss me during my absences (Hi, Mom!).


Anonymous said...

I've grown tired of Luke's "too little too late". He doesn't get a pass just because he w/drew Denny Regan's nomination after having to be told to do so, or because he goes on tv admitting that he was handcuffed after lying and saying that there was absolutely no incident at all, or reinstating Cathy McNeilly after a federal judge told him he had to, or after appointing Mike Huss as public safety director after Bill Peduto told him he should - or after he settles the Cathy McNeilly matter because EVERYONE has told him he should. And the mistakes are much too frequent for any one to = an anomaly. This IS his MO. He's no leader. He's not even a good follower insofar as those he's chosen to follow. Either way, he's not mayoral material.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Don't sweat the breaks, Adm. This is a very thoughtful and friendly space, and perhaps better suited to occasional new posts. Like going to Starbucks instead of Diesel.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Don't burn out.

Matt H said...

Excellent choice by the administration.

Richmond K. Turner said...

Mark, I'm not about to burn out. But this was an especially tough week. For the past few days we have been living in absolute dread as we waited for the results of our child's latest medical tests. There was some reason to believe that something very bad might be going on. But today we found out that everything is fine, and I can finally allow myself to exhale again.

Matt, let's face it. Ravenstahl could nominate Adolf Hitler as Public Safety Director and you would applaud him for it. This wasn't a "choice" by the administation. Or it if was, it was very first choice made by the Peduto administration. Ravenstahl et al. were out-manuervered on this one and painted into a corner.

Apart from simply not appointing anyone at all to the post (which might not have been a a bad ides), they had to appoint Peduto's choice. Otherwise Peduto would have gone on TV yet again, suggest Huss yet again, and point out how the mayor's choice was a stupid one... yet again.

Thanks for your comments, everyone.