Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Handcuffs" Ravenstahl Admits that He's A Big Fat Liar

If you read the last line of the Tribune-Review article concerning Interim Mayor Luke "Handcuffs" Ravenstahl's admissions concerning his 2005 arrest by city police, you will see that he is also admitting to something else. As the article, written by the Trib's Jeremy Boren, states:

The mayor said he was asked months ago about the incident and Regan’s alleged involvement. He said he denied the accusations then because he didn’t want to “lend credence to them.”
So in other words, he was asked about the incident, and his response was to lie about the whole thing and claim that it never even happened.

A quick lesson for you, Master Ravenstahl. Voters will forgive lots of things, but they really, really, really, really hate being lied to. They can forgive mistakes. They make mistakes themselves, and they fully expect that you will make them too. But they need to know that they can trust you. Lying destroys that trust. It's the one thing that they have a very hard time forgiving, and yet that is precisely what you have gone and done to them. Not good.

"Handcuffs" Ravenstahl could have done the smart thing by owning up to this incident when the story first broke, but apparently that was months ago when a reporter first asked about it. Between then and now, he had ample opportunity to contact the reporter who asked the question and come clean about the whole thing. He didn't. Now it's too late. He cannot "get out in front of the story" anymore, because he lied about it, and allowed that lie to sit there uncorrected until there was no other option. Tonight, Master Ravenstahl finds himself facing his very own "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" moment, and it's simply not good place to be.

Meanwhile, "Handcuffs" Ravenstahl is trying beat this thing by claiming that the leaking of the truth by blogger John McIntire is somehow "politically motivated". Nice try. Bill Clinton tried that one, too. It was -- at least in his case -- probably even true. It didn't matter. He still found himself on the receiving end of the biggest shit storm to hit American politics since Watergate.

I personally don't really think that John McIntire has any real political motives here. I don't think he's shilling for Bill Peduto. But let's say, for the sake of argument, that he really did this for purely political reasons. Who freaking cares? And how is it even remotely relevant, Mister Interim Mayor?

The fact is that the incident happened. McIntire didn't make you get in that cop's face. An even more important fact is that you lied about it, and denied that it ever happened. McIntire didn't make you lie to us. McIntire didn't put you in this position. You did that. All on your own.

I'm willing to forgive the incident. I'm willing to forgive being drunk at a Steelers game. I'm willing to forgive the anger, the rudeness, the profanity, and even the possible assault against the police officer. But I'm not willing to forgive the lies. It puts everything you have ever said in question, and makes it impossible to trust you.


The Burgher said...

If any part of Ravenstahl's tale is false ... then he could be toast.

Bram Reichbaum said...

That's very well said!

I can only quibble with A) some of the Clinton material [he could have won a 3rd term handily, showing I think one class of lie voters will forgive] and B) your hammering of the nickname "Handcuffs." Don't you think its a bit of a cheap shot, especially as the big issue is a lie?

More importantly: do we know who this reporter is yet?

Richmond K. Turner said...

Hi Bram:

Clinton could have possibly won a third term by the time 2000 rolled around. I'm not convinced, however, that he could have won one four months after his lying was revealed to the American public. And that's more or less what Luke has to do in May.

And even if he had been able to run in 2000 and had secured a third term, I'm positive that he still would look back on the whole Lewinsky thing with profound regret.

Of course "Handcuffs" is a cheap shot. So is calling him "Master Ravenstahl" and hammering in the point about "Interim Mayor". But it makes me laugh. And I could do with a bit of a laugh.

Thanks for your comments. And nice work on your post earlier this morning about McIntire's motivations.

Matt H said...

No one was lied to int his incident. The only one who is lying is John McIntire.

Why does anyone take this guy seriously? I sometimes think his sources are Bert & Ernie and the Cookie Monster because 9/10 times he gets a story somewhat right but the facts are all screwed up.

When are people going to start talking about the fact that John McIntire is going to be going on the radio again on a station that no one listens to? He is writing this junk so maybe a few people will listen to his weak radio show that is about to debut again...HELLO PEOPLE!

Richmond K. Turner said...

Hiya Matt. I was wondering when we would see you.

You sound flustered, mate. Now just relax. Take deep calming breaths. It will all be over by mid-May. It's OK.

Now, as to your points. Clearly, the Mayor lied about this incident. He says so himself. He says that he was asked about it, but that he denied that it ever happened. That's called "lying". It really is.

You might be dead-on right about McIntire. He has done a number of things that I'm not horribly impressed with. His claim that Regan was involved in this incident might be total bullshit.

But the incident itself did happen. The mayor did, when first asked about it, deny that it ever took place. And those facts will just have to speak for themselves.

Dean said...

Matt, I don't think anyone views McIntyre as a serious journalist. He's not Rich Lord or Bob Mayo, nor does anyone expect him to be. Were it not for McIntyre pushing this story, a story worth reporting, who knows when or if it would have been reported in the MSM. You may think he writes junk, but the junk he wrote today was enough to fluster the Ravenstahl camp to the extent that they felt they had to call every reporter in the city for a 1 on 1 with Luke. He won this round.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me how some 'police incidents' involving public officials are exposed and make their rounds all over the media with the intention to do great political harm, while others never, ever see the light of day. Wonder why nobody has ever reported on the incident in Oakland when Tonya Payne and Twanda Carlisle were detained while driving a city-issued vehicle? Also, it turned out that neither had a valid license. This incident happened when both were council aides, to Udin and McDonald. Payne went through an entire campaign with nary a mention. Do I smell special treatment?

Richmond K. Turner said...

Hey Anonymous; I'd be much more impressed with your insightful comments if you hadn't pasted the exact same freaking thing on no less than 4 other blogs that I've visited this evening. Do us all a favor and stop spamming the comments. It's rude, and it takes away from the point that you're trying to make.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, General:

Didn't mean to spam. Just wanted to make sure my comments were read by as many as possible. I should have realized that by posting on just one or two well-positioned blogs (of which yous is one), that the desired exposure would be met.

Sorry again.

Anonymous said...

Voters don't want to be lied to and get really pissed when they are lied to by politicians of all people. I agree...most people wouldn't begrudge Luke for having a few beers and getting into an argument with an officer --- but HE ADMITS LYING ABOUT IT when asked about it months ago so not to give the rumors any credibility. Well, the incident did happen, so it's not like John M or anyone else made this all up.

BTW...I heard the reporter who asked Luke about this was Rick Earle of WPXI.

Anonymous said...

Will John Q public really care about any of this? Luke's youth, looks and marital status trump Peduto's and sadly that is what counts to many Pittsburgh voters. Being drunk and rowdy will only add to Luke's regular guy appeal. Unless something more comes to light this story is only going to bite Peduto in the ass because it aligns him with McIntyre and makes him look desperate. Plus wasn't Luke just trying to help the Steeler fans "move forward" (hi Pitt Girl)

Jerry said...

Admiral, I disagree with you as to whether or not this is a lie. My understanding is that a reporter asked the mayor about an anonymous fax detailing an incident at the All Star Game where Luke got loaded and Regan bailed him out. Luke said there was no truth to the fax and it seems he is correct.

To me this would be a big story if there was some cover-up or special treatment but ther doesn't appear to be any of that in this event.

Richmond K. Turner said...

First of all Jerry, thanks for commenting. I respect your disagreement with me. But it sure as hell looks like a lie to me. Today's Tribune-Review story makes it look even worse:

The mayor's acknowledgement of the incident Oct. 31, 2005, comes after repeated denials of any confrontation with police before the game against the Baltimore Ravens. Ravenstahl was a city councilman at the time.

Notice the key words here... "repeated denials", "any confrontation with police". He not only lied. He did so repeatedly.

Again, thanks for commenting.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The lie mention was the one point that caught my attention too.

Blogger choked a bit on that mention too.

So now Luke is talking about being truthful and honest on the Marty Griffin show. Friday 9 am.

Oh, he said he wasn't 'arrested.'

Anonymous said...

Uncle Richy,

Fat? You called Master Luke fat? And what would you call Lord Rendell?

Anonymous said...

watch WPXI at 5PM for their video of Luke denying the incident to their crew when previously asked about it. so not only did he lie to/mislead Marty Griffin about it - he did the same to Channel 11! I'm sure he had some sort of wiggle room due to the use of the term "arrest" or something like that.

Matt H said...


this story was just about to hit the MSM any day now. It was about to bust wide open like it did. McIntire just jumped the gun and added some JUNK to it to make it look sexier.

Richard: Flustered? That's the last thing I am. I couldn't wait to jump on these local political blogs to see how yinz guys would run with it and run with it you did. You people just want him out of office in the worst way don't you? I heard McIntire today compare Mayor Ravenstahl to GW Bush. Is that the type of stuff you bloggers come up with?

Your right on one item though. It will be over come mid-May. Peduto will be back to his city council office taking pot shots at Mayor Ravenstahl every chance he can get. Mayor Ravenstahl is going to win this election. It's easy to see because of the desperate comments and blog posts that you people continue to make about the Mayor.

When Mayor Ravenstahl was first asked about it by Rick Earle of WPXI he did not lie about it. Rick Earle asked him if he pushed a city cop and if he was arrested. Earle made blanket comments to the Mayor. If Rick wasn't so concerned about ambushing the Mayor on a street while he was getting into the car and better choose his questions he might have had a major news story. Instead he asked blanket questions about being arrested and pushing a city police office. In answering those questions Mayor Luke was not dishonest.

If Luke would have been asked the questions he was asked yesterday like that then yes you could call him a liar.

Anonymous said...

Why did Ravenstahl feel it necessary to defend the people in that crowd who by all accounts have been classified as unruly and mob-like? Also, since when do police officers handcuff people for simply identifying themselves and expressing their dissatisfaction with a situation, especially when a person identifies themselves as a fellow public servant? Finally, unless this kid belives he has the experience necessary to decide whether and when "aggressive and authoritative" force should be used to quell a situation, he should not be demonizing this officer to the press without reprisal. He's a punk kid who knows the truth will never come out and knows he can control the story from his position of influence. If Luke Ravenstahl did nothing wrong that evening, wouldn't he have made an issue out of being unlawfully detained. He had to have been out of control. Bottom line.

Anonymous said...

This is what Mayor Ravenstahl would have you believe happened that night:

Ravenstahl: Excuse me Officer, I'm Councilman Ravenstahl. The way you're treating these people is @!#$ed up.

Officer Hoehn: I don't care. Turn around and put your hands behind your back. Don't tell me when I can and can't be aggressive towards women and children!

Maria said...

He was asked if he was ever cuffed and he did not admit to it.


Anonymous said...

Falso in unum, falso in omnibus.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much big money is pumped into Luke, he has proven he is not Mayoral material. Not even close. If Luke does win, it will be a testament to the fact that City voters are sheep, just followers of the "powers that be", Dan Onorato and Mike Doyle.

Anonymous said...

Everyone loves a conspiracy,Regan called and got Luke out of trouble?Maybe the mob did kill Kennedy .Johnny mac needs to boost his own ratings to pay his bills now he is married to a channel 4 staffer.I don't think they pay as well as Jonny would like.Maybe if Peduto wins Jonny was promised Dick Skringer's job?I hear Ex-chief Costa was taking billy boy around in his stomping grounds in morningside ,I guess he would be a good deputy mayor?

Richmond K. Turner said...

Huh? Hey there Anonymous, could you please take just a few seconds when posting a comment, so that it actually makes some kind of sense. I have next to zero idea what you are trying to say.

For example, just who in the hell is "billy boy"? Are you talking about the putter from Caddyshack?

Luke is a Louse said...

I heard that if you say "Denny" three times very slowly he will appear and eat your firstborn.

I have no opinion on whether Luke's friend Quigley called Dennis the Menace, who, in turn, called Bob O', who, in turn, called Sgt. Fisher and asked for the release of hostage Ravenstahl, (did Fisher contribute to Bob's campaign?).

I do have an opinion on Lukey/Opie/Pinnochio/Handcuffs RavenRegan: He tells us that he's honest, that he's a man of integrity and he's no liar. And I believe him - just as sure as I believed him when he said that he didn't know Denny was a scoundrel. I believe him just as sure as I believed him when he told us that he wasn't aware that Cathy McNeilly had warned him about Denny until after the media reminded him that he had already received Cathy's e-mail three days prior to his denial. I believe him just as surely as I believed him when he coyly avoided the question of whether he asked for that opinion extending his tenure as boy king. And when he told me he was 100% behind the Isle of Capri (at least until he was 100% behind Plan B), I knew he was a man of his word. And when he promised that he would vote to petition for termination of Act 47 status (dumb) on Monday night and then decided that he was 100% for Act 47 status the next morning I just knew he was a straight shooter.

So when Pinnochio says that "it" never happened, I just know I'm hearing the gospel truth. He doesn't have to admit to anything, apologize or present a heart-felt mea culpa, because I know that he really, really loves me and would never do anything to hurt me.